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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I love combining motherhood with my knowledge and skills with health (and my ocd helps) with my passion and talents with design! I have a Bachelors of Science in Health and physical education and recreation with a minor in sport management.

Along with 10 years of caring for a parent with a liver transplant, to becoming a certified medical admin assistant March 2020 (CMAA) pre COVID, to becoming a care taker and doing hospice work for my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s and dementia. As well as a licensed Interior Designer in the state of Virginia During COVID.

She recently passed away feb 1st 2022. A day before my sons 8th birthday. Which really pushed me to keep going. It was the perfect example of how life can life one day and you can be celebrating life and love the very next. So give life your all. All the time.

I’ve always wanted to design things in the health field and be more of a sport psychologist/ occupational therapist because recovery, rebuild, organize and restoration are my key life skills. And I do them very well. From the inside to outside of you. My grandma proved that with me extending her life for two more years. Even during COVID and a pandemic.

On this blog I will always be talking about how I use design and health in my life, lifestyle and home care for me and my Faimly. It’s literally tied into my daily routine. And tips and products or systems that work for us And hopefully you can use for you. Enjoy!

Mark my words, just like everything digital and tech, design and health will soon be apart of every industry possible. But in the best ways. - love the blonde. NAC.

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