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Designing + Styling like a BLONDE

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Every Designer has their own signature design style. Mine are based more around the basics and fundamentals of design.

Things like color pallets, themes, a signature scent for your space, organization and pops of color are my favorite staple designs! I love monochromatic looks and styles. I’m the same with my personal fashion styles as well Most of the time. In any case though the best way to go about designing is creating beauty out of nothing, looking at everything as a blank canvas to create with. Along with functionality and maximizing all space in a way that looks so beautiful. It’s hard to believe it’s yours!

There is so much elegance in simplicity as well. Just like fashion, You can make a bold statement in the simplest ways.

I will be posting more monthly favorites, finds and designs! And always remember it’s easy to create with color in mind!

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